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Based in Manchester, North West of England, I am a sound recordist with over 20 years experience contributing my skills to documentaries and television programmes for UK and North American broadcasters. Some of my UK based projects were recognised for a programme award that I am proud to have contributed my part too, I do not claim "Best Sound" for these, they were judged by their category and story content.

My work is incredibly enjoyable, diverse and challenging. It allows me opportunities to be immersed in different cultures, engage a friendly rapport with interesting characters and to listen with interest to their life stories.

I am fortunate to have a career that embodies my spirit for adventure, piques my curiosity to learn and fuels my desire to travel the world.

The more demanding the environment or project the more I seem to thrive. I have had the privilege to work for extended periods in tropical and remote sub-Arctic conditions, pushing myself and equipment beyond expectation. With my previous experience working in the Army Reserve, I am used to tough living and working with limited resources.

For many years I have provided consultancy and audio services to broadcasters, independent production companies, advertising agencies, crewing facilities and corporate communication specialists.

My focus is to deliver exceptional sound and to reassure a director that I am committed to capturing beautiful dialogue and atmospheres, that will compliment stunning photography. I adopt an enthusiastic and positive approach whilst remaining calm and am proud enough to say I really enjoy all that my work has to offer.

I endeavour to explore new and refreshing opportunities, to achieve and succeed in all that I do.

Challenge, Adventure & Success
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